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Master Builder Application Template
Master Builder Application template and Information

Master Builder is an In-game rank that shows other players that you are a very good builder. As such you must prove to be just that by applying here on the forums. Show us what you got.

To apply for Master Builder you must meet all of the bellow requirements or your application will be denied:
  1. You must be and active Server and Forum member.
  2. Your forum account must be at least 1 week old.
  3. You must have a Discord account and be a member of the Phoenix Discord server in order to communicate with other Master Builders and the Executive Creative Designer.
  4. You must provide screenshots showing off at least 3 of your builds.

Template: Please answer all questions honestly

  1. What is your in-game name? (Your in-game name should be mentioned in your forum profile)
  2. When did you first register your forum account?
  3. What is your Discord ID? (ex. bobscog #2531)
  4. What kind of building skills do you have? (Megabuilder, Redstone-geek, Detail-heavy, Organic artist, Terraformer, Interior-builder, Exterior-only, Other)
  5. Please provide screenshots of at least 3 of your builds.
  6. Please state the names of Master Builders who have recommended you. If none, state none. (Recommendations are not required, but they do boost your chances of getting accepted)
  7. Have you ever griefed on Phoenix or any other server before?
  8. Have you ever voted for our server?  
Copy the template and make a new thread on the Master Builder Application board.[/size]

Note: If you already have an application up before the new template was introduced your application is still valid.[/size]

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